The conglomerate State of America

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

It has recently been exposed that the dairy farms are being taken over by larger companies, namedly Wawa and Lehigh Valley Farms. Yes folks, it no longer matters what type of milk you buy, they all come from the same two sources. Sure, they have different names on them. That is where they get you. Your mind might want Lehigh Valley while your pocket says store brand. The secret: They are more than likely the same exact thing, but with different names.
Another “deal” you might want to learn about: gasoline. Mobil, Wawa, and Riggins all have the same fuel carrier so no matter where you go, you know that you are getting quality gasoline.
Take a look around. You would be surprised by the labels on your favorite items. The list of these types of corporations is endless. Just because an item is generic doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as good (or as bad) as its name-brand counterpart.
Happy hunting!
~ The people ~

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