Well, the ACEEE ratings are out. And here are the stats!

 The Worst Cars of 2006 (meanest)

Make and Model MPG:
DODGE RAM SRT10     9 12 12
BENTLEY ARNAGE     10 14 17
DODGE DURANGO   12 15 17
DODGE RAM 1500   12 15 17
MAYBACH 57S     11 16 17
HUMMER H2 b     13 17 18
FERRARI F141     10 14 18
FORD F-250 b     13 17 18
GMC YUKON XL K2500 b     13 17 18
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN K2500 b     13 17 19
[P] denotes premium gasoline.
“auto stk” designates manually adjustable automatic transmission.
a A listing with two emission standards (e.g., Tier 2 bin 9 / LEV I) denotes a single vehicle carrying both a federal and California emission certification. Green Scores for such listings reflect the cleaner of the two certifications.
These vehicles, classified as heavy duty trucks, are exempt from fuel economy regulations.

c The 2wd configuration of this model also receives a Green Score of 17.


The Best Cars of 2006 (Greenest)

Make and Model MPG: City MPG: Hwy Green Score
HONDA INSIGHT     57 56 57
HONDA CIVIC GX   30 34 57
TOYOTA PRIUS     60 51 55
TOYOTA COROLLA     32 41 46
HYUNDAI ACCENT     32 35 45
KIA RIO / RIO 5     32 35 45
HONDA CIVIC     30 40 44
MAZDA 3     28 35 44
    30 36 44
SATURN ION     26 35 43
a Certain other configurations of these models (with different transmissions or meeting different emission standards) score nearly as well.
b A listing with two emission standards (e.g., Tier 2 bin 5 / SULEV II) denotes a single vehicle carrying both a Federal and California emission certification. Green Scores for such listings reflect the cleaner of the two certifications.
c Compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fuel economy given in gasoline-equivalent miles per gallon.
d These vehicles are “twins” — the same base model carrying different names.




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Euthanasia for Babies in Holland

Monday, 13 March 2006

Sparks fly in the debate over assisted suicide in the United States. Assisted suicide, by most, is thought to be something that only the very old and very sick would ever even consider. But, in other parts of the world, that is not the case.

Each year in Holland at least 15 seriously ill babies, most of them with severe spina bifida or chromosomal abnormalities, are helped to die by doctors acting with the parents’ consent. But only a fraction of those cases are reported to the authorities because of the doctors’ fears of being charged with murder.

Things are about to change, however, making it much easier for parents and doctors to end the suffering of an infant.

A committee set up to regulate the practice will begin operating in the next few weeks, effectively making Holland, where adult euthanasia is legal, the first country in the world to allow “baby euthanasia” as well.” (1)

This could be a first step into changing the way people look at assisted suicide and “mercy killings” forever. People both for and against need to take another look at the issue, and really think about the consequences of what could happen, if this practice becomes common.

(1) -The Times Online, Matthew Campbell Read the article online here

Americans View of Islam

Thursday, 9 March 2006

  By Davyd 'Hu

An article in the Washington Post shows that more and more Americans have negative views of Islam, and people of Arab descent. A poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC news found that 46% of Americans view Islam as a violent religion. 33% believe that Islalm is responsable for violence against non-Muslims, and one in three Americans have heard negative comments about the religion recently.

An online poll at MSNBC.com revealed this:

78% of 27,244 people said that they have unfavorable views of Islam. Why is this? Many people are claiming that this is because of frequent attacks aimed directly at Muslims by the media and politicians. It is true that most Americans don't trust Arab nations or companies, something clearly seen in the ongoing Dubai "negotiation". But does America have good reasons? The whole world has seen the effects of terrorism by Islamic fundementalists. The United States is at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and are seeing much violence and destruction done by Arabs and Muslim terrorists.

The reactions of thousands of Muslims over the Danish Muhammad cartoons resulted in violence and mass potests certainly dosen't help the public view Islam in a better way.

Ironically, while more people see Islam as a religion of violence and hate, it is the fastest growing religion in the United States, and, depending on who you ask, it might even be the fastest growing religion in the world. So whether you like it or not, Americans are going to have to learn to deal with it.

View the MSNBC poll