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Monday, 6 November 2006

…And the idiots between

an article submitted by jen s.

The abortion issue in the United States has been going on for decades. Abortion is now legal in 54 countries, and every year there are approximately 46 million abortions preformed (1.37 million in the US), only slightly less than half done legally. And everyday, 126,000 women have an abortion worldwide.

Many Americans find themselves in one of two categories, pro-life, or pro-choice, the first being anti-abortion, and the latter being against. However, the group of people claiming to be in the middle is significant, millions of Americans believe that abortions should be legal only for rape and incest cases.

These people, while holding that abortion is the very act of murdering a human life, would agree to the murder of a child, simply because they were conceived or rape. They claim that because the babies mother was raped, and was “forced” to have a child, that the baby will automatically grow up in an unloving environment, facing rejection from its family and will no doubt end up living a meaningless and lonely life.

Is that ignorant? I would certainly say so. Can one “play God” and make decisions like that about someones future? Granted, many children who were conceived out of rape do grow up in an unloving environment, but then, so do many children who were conceived willingly. A child born from rape can still be loved by it’s mother, a child from rape still has the same potential as every other living, breathing infant in the world.

Well, what if the would-be-mother didn’t want the child? It wasn’t her fault, after all, that she was raped. It wasn’t her desire to have a child, to be committed to another person for life. Again, there is a very thin line, no room to stand on. People must choose a side. Either you believe that it is always the mothers choice, or that abortion is murder, and there is no reason ever for it to be preformed. In the situation above, the pro-choice group would say that it is the mothers choice whether she wants to have an abortion, and the pro-life groups would say that abortion is murder, and there are other options besides murder.
By saying that abortion is murder, how can one then condone it under “special circumstances”, both of which the victim had no control over? They can’t. And if one says abortion is not murder, than it is never morally wrong (omiting forced abortions, etc). There is no middle ground.

The chance of conception from a rape is less than 5%, and the actual number of abortions preformed by mothers who conceived from rape or incest is less than 1%.



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