Iraq War Coalition Fatalities

Friday, 23 June 2006

I recently stumbled upon a site, that I think everyone should see, regardless of political standpoint.




Tired of wanna-be serial killers!

Saturday, 15 April 2006

An Article by People Matter 

How many more kids will try and get away with plotting a Columbine style massacre?

Just tonight on the news there was this report: Student charged in threat at Michigan school.

A few months ago this report: Columbine-style Massacre thwarted and two students arrested in Columbine style plot.

Just do a search on any search engine and you will find line after line of incidents where kids are going overboard with their supposed "goth" mentalities.

The schools aren't giving enough lessons to occupy their time so these kids go off into cliques that get them arrested. Nice.

How about the parents and school districts getting together to stamp out the uprising of hatred and plots of this nature. If parents were paying more attention and taking initiative in their kid's lives, then they would probably NOT be into the ugly side of the goth fad. If the schools were doing their job, these kids wouldn't feel the need to jump into detrimental cliques and avenues that will ultimately hurt or kill themselves and others.

Racist Organizations Online

Sunday, 26 February 2006

By Davyd ‘Hu
It’s hard to believe that in the year 2006, there are still racists and white supremacists. Worst still than following this sort of “philosophy” is spreading its propaganda, and that is exactly what an online movement called National Vanguard is doing.
Being slightly less than aesthetically pleasing is the least of this organizations problems. Filth and ignorant lies abound on this website. There are numerous quotes within these so called “articles” that normally would have made me laugh for the stark stupidity and ignorance, however, because they were actually serious, made me angry. People like the creators of this organization make me feel ashamed to be of European descent.
After browsing the site for merely three minutes, I found myself unable to continue, so full of crap this site was. However,  I did pick out two quotes to post here, two quotes that reveal the ignorance, and hateful evil that these people are all about.

Both he and I have been researching the Jewish connection to the sexual slavery, debauchery, and rape of White women by non-Whites and, I’m telling you, the connection is there. Jews are so dominant and influential in debasing and deceiving White women and girls on such a massive scale that, to any decent White person, no forgiveness is possible.

As a public service, National Alliance members in Silicon Valley have been warning residents of the area about the serious health risks for White people associated with interracial sex.

Click the link below to go to this racist and hateful organizations homepage.

You can be sure that Twisted Press will further look into modern racism online, and especially in the media. Check back for more information soon.

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Internet Censorship

Tuesday, 21 February 2006

By Davyd ‘Hu

I have been reading a lot about this hot issue lately, and I am discusted. I am against most forms of any internet censorship. I don’t have a problem with public schools having some sort of program that moniters users in their own system, but I don’t think that public libraries should have them. I also think that it is the parents right to have some sort of internet filter on their home computer, for their kids, or even theirselves. But I believe it is wrong for the government to moniter and censor the internet for everybody, like they are doing in China, Iran, Burma, and other countries. One of the worst things about this is that these governments are being aided by american companies, such as yahoo and google. These companies might censor any website that has information about religious or government issues, and even might give personal information about users who look at  “forbidden” material to the government, which might lead to their arrest. I believe that this is in violation of freedom of speech, and basic human rights. Something has to be done, and american companies need to stop helping opressive governments.