Iraq War Coalition Fatalities

Friday, 23 June 2006

I recently stumbled upon a site, that I think everyone should see, regardless of political standpoint.




Tired of wanna-be serial killers!

Saturday, 15 April 2006

An Article by People Matter 

How many more kids will try and get away with plotting a Columbine style massacre?

Just tonight on the news there was this report: Student charged in threat at Michigan school.

A few months ago this report: Columbine-style Massacre thwarted and two students arrested in Columbine style plot.

Just do a search on any search engine and you will find line after line of incidents where kids are going overboard with their supposed "goth" mentalities.

The schools aren't giving enough lessons to occupy their time so these kids go off into cliques that get them arrested. Nice.

How about the parents and school districts getting together to stamp out the uprising of hatred and plots of this nature. If parents were paying more attention and taking initiative in their kid's lives, then they would probably NOT be into the ugly side of the goth fad. If the schools were doing their job, these kids wouldn't feel the need to jump into detrimental cliques and avenues that will ultimately hurt or kill themselves and others.

Americans View of Islam

Thursday, 9 March 2006

  By Davyd 'Hu

An article in the Washington Post shows that more and more Americans have negative views of Islam, and people of Arab descent. A poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC news found that 46% of Americans view Islam as a violent religion. 33% believe that Islalm is responsable for violence against non-Muslims, and one in three Americans have heard negative comments about the religion recently.

An online poll at revealed this:

78% of 27,244 people said that they have unfavorable views of Islam. Why is this? Many people are claiming that this is because of frequent attacks aimed directly at Muslims by the media and politicians. It is true that most Americans don't trust Arab nations or companies, something clearly seen in the ongoing Dubai "negotiation". But does America have good reasons? The whole world has seen the effects of terrorism by Islamic fundementalists. The United States is at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and are seeing much violence and destruction done by Arabs and Muslim terrorists.

The reactions of thousands of Muslims over the Danish Muhammad cartoons resulted in violence and mass potests certainly dosen't help the public view Islam in a better way.

Ironically, while more people see Islam as a religion of violence and hate, it is the fastest growing religion in the United States, and, depending on who you ask, it might even be the fastest growing religion in the world. So whether you like it or not, Americans are going to have to learn to deal with it.

View the MSNBC poll

Protect Our National Security!

Tuesday, 28 February 2006

The Bush administration is planning to let an Arab nation control the security of not one, but six major American ports. On American soil. Should people be worried? After all, this is an Arab country. The same group of people this country is worried about blowing us all up.

I believe that the point is not that the Dubai company is owned and run by an Arab nation, but that a nation other than the US is controling our ports. Shouldn’t a country be in charge of their own security? If Mr. Bush is so concerned for Homeland Security, why is he giving our security over to another country? He will spy on his own people because he is supposedly afraid of Arab terrorists, but he will allow an Arab nation to control the security of our ports.

It is also worth mentioning that both conservatives and liberals are against this decision, and are working to create legislation that will not allow this deal to take place.
If the American people are truely concerned about their security as a nation, they will not allow President Bush to follow through with this deal. And that means letting people know how we feel. Find some way to let people know that you think this is a terrable decision. Contact the White House, and let your voice be heard.


The conglomerate State of America

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

It has recently been exposed that the dairy farms are being taken over by larger companies, namedly Wawa and Lehigh Valley Farms. Yes folks, it no longer matters what type of milk you buy, they all come from the same two sources. Sure, they have different names on them. That is where they get you. Your mind might want Lehigh Valley while your pocket says store brand. The secret: They are more than likely the same exact thing, but with different names.
Another “deal” you might want to learn about: gasoline. Mobil, Wawa, and Riggins all have the same fuel carrier so no matter where you go, you know that you are getting quality gasoline.
Take a look around. You would be surprised by the labels on your favorite items. The list of these types of corporations is endless. Just because an item is generic doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as good (or as bad) as its name-brand counterpart.
Happy hunting!
~ The people ~

Internet Censorship

Tuesday, 21 February 2006

By Davyd ‘Hu

I have been reading a lot about this hot issue lately, and I am discusted. I am against most forms of any internet censorship. I don’t have a problem with public schools having some sort of program that moniters users in their own system, but I don’t think that public libraries should have them. I also think that it is the parents right to have some sort of internet filter on their home computer, for their kids, or even theirselves. But I believe it is wrong for the government to moniter and censor the internet for everybody, like they are doing in China, Iran, Burma, and other countries. One of the worst things about this is that these governments are being aided by american companies, such as yahoo and google. These companies might censor any website that has information about religious or government issues, and even might give personal information about users who look at  “forbidden” material to the government, which might lead to their arrest. I believe that this is in violation of freedom of speech, and basic human rights. Something has to be done, and american companies need to stop helping opressive governments.